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  sunny5156 8b8a4c68c9 修改 git地址 8 months ago
  sunny5156 13ed913701 修改线上地址 8 months ago
  yq5858588 64da3658b8 添加exe启动程序 10 months ago
  sunny5156 6dbe5da661 edit 10 months ago
  孙强 56211780ac 更新 'version' 10 months ago
  sunny5156 bc53265c2d edit 10 months ago
  sunny5156 40815de015 add home 页面 10 months ago
  sunny5156 2327a5a9ed 添加版本信息 10 months ago
  sunny5156 ec2da2810c start home 10 months ago
  sunny5156 1bed8a6b95 edit 10 months ago
  sunny5156 45c9a6e894 start home 10 months ago
  sunny5156 3180351f48 Merge branch 'master' of 10 months ago
  sunny5156 d283129ce6 Initial commit 10 months ago
  sunny5156 a199007b0f 修改 php 启动/关闭 脚本 10 months ago
  sunny5156 bca0f44913 edit 10 months ago
  sunny5156 89c677cad8 php-cgi-spawner 管理 fastcgi 和 进程管理 10 months ago
  sunny5156 bd7fd271dd win-bash 11 months ago
  sunny5156 4e4d82a53b update 1 year ago
  sunny5156 2345c1e4e5 设置默认时区 1 year ago
  sunny5156 75cc065b17 --secure-file-priv is set to NULL. Operations related to importing and exporting data are disabled 1 year ago
  sunny5156 bcb7724353 Nginx 下 $_POST获取不到数据 1 year ago
  sunny5156 05ca15be59 edit 1 year ago
  sunny5156 60cb5351bd 切换 php5cgi_start.bat php5cgi_stop.bat 为保留服务 1 year ago
  sunny5156 7f4cf6dff1 修改 默认php为7.1.5 1 year ago
  sunny5156 35bc5964d6 删除 php 7.0.14 1 year ago
  sunny5156 3c5c302a26 升级PHP 7.1.5 1 year ago
  sunny5156 ccf01651b7 修改 nginx 配置文件 1 year ago
  sunny5156 f3425aa7dc edit 1 year ago
  sunny5156 b18b86d93e 升级 mysql 5.6.36 1 year ago
  sunny5156 23ee496bd2 升级 mysql 5.6.36 1 year ago